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Pairing Ikea Tradfri LED Power Supply to Philips Hue Bridge


You can connect an Ikea Tradfri LED Power Supply to a Philips Hue Bridge if you don't have an official Ikea Trådfri or Dirigera gateway.

Tested with Ikea ICPSHC24-10EU-IL-1 and ICPSHC24-30EU-IL-1 LED Power Supplies with firmware versions from 2021



The steps assume that you have your Philips Hue Bridge already set up (initial setup with possible other lights, nothing fancy required).

In this guide the Hue Essentials mobile application is used (see This is not the official Hue application! You don't need to use this application after the pairing if you don't wish to.

No lights need to be connected to the Ikea LED Power Supply, even though the manual suggests so.

  1. Reset the Ikea LED Power Supply by following these steps:
    1. Turn off the power supply (disconnect the power cord)
    2. Turn on the power supply (connect the power cord)
    3. Quickly after turning on the power supply, press and hold the Reset button (with a pin) for five seconds
    4. Turn off the power supply
    5. Turn on the power supply
  2. Place/lay the power supply on top of the Hue Bridge
  3. Open the Hue Essentials application
    1. Open the Devices view
    2. Press the Plus sign
    3. Select Light
    4. Press the Touchlink button at the bottom
    5. Press the Search for lights button at the top

The power supplies should be discovered as dimmable lights and you can rename them. The devices can then be found from the official Hue application. Repeat all of the steps if you don't succeed at first - generally speaking in home automation you may require multiple attempts to get things working!